Anna Rose (obscurityme) wrote,
Anna Rose

A Photo Essay of my Ex-lovers

About as awesome as they come really. One of the funniest, smartest, talented people I know. We were together for two years from when I was 20 to 22.

No Picture

About as awful as they come. Anyone who met Mark knows that he was a complete arsehole and managed to con me, my friends and family out of thousands of dollars. We were also together for two years from when I was 18 to 20.

Ahhhh my sweetest Timmy boy. I was completely smitten at the time however he was a bit of an arsehole to me but you get that. I say we went out for 3 weeks, he says we went out for 3 months... my memory is hazy. I was 18.

LOL @ bogan-ness. Why yes that is a rotor on his birthday cake. When I was just coming out of my 'boy racer chick' phase. He was actually really sweet. I went out with him for maybe 8 months from 17 to 18.

Funny that this picture is from his wedding, to the girl he was dating before we started going out. I think we dated when I was 16. This was at the height of my 'boy racer chick' phase and hence he was a bit of a cock. He had a lot of mental issues which I probably exacerbated by hooking up with all his friends once we broke up. Hey! I was 17, what do you expect?

Sorry to abuse your friends page but you just NEED to see photos of my exboyfriends, OK?!
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