Anna Rose (obscurityme) wrote,
Anna Rose

I'm odd

Me: Uh oh
*stares intently at corner of computer screen*
Elise: What?
Me: *still staring at intently corner of computer screen*
- a moment later -
Me: Phew!
Them: Huh?
Me: Well my computer battery was 11% and the time was 11:10 but the battery went down to 10% before it got to 11:11. If the time had gone 11:11 while the battery was still 11% well... well...
Elise: There'd be no belly button deep enough?

(I touch my belly button if ever I see the time 11:11)
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im obsessed with 11 11
god that would have been fucking epic, well i told you my last 11:11 story :p long live that shit. i'm almost tempted to go from 24 hour time back to 12 hour time so i can 11:11 it up twice a day, but i fucking despise 12 hour time.