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10:23am 15/09/2011
  How the fuck are you all?  
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No one cares   
03:22am 17/10/2010
  Busy life is busy.

On Thursday I was filming til 11 then got my wine on until maybe 4 or 5am.
Friday I slept til 1pm then edited at uni til 3am.
Today I slept til 2pm, filmed til 6pm, edited til now and am just about to hit the hay (3am).
03:35am 30/07/2010
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06:25pm 04/02/2010
  I was about to do a post asking for advice about how to care less about what other people think and ask for advice less. LOL. True story.

In other news, I need to find myself and be less reliant on other people. Will let you know how it goes. :)

What are you up to these days? Where are you working/living?
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09:51pm 10/01/2010

In other news, pinkitty hasn't developed a giant festering wound (yet) YAY!

She laughs at my worrisome ways:

Cat question   
07:43pm 08/01/2010
  Oh livejournal, my source of epic wisdom:

So you know how cats get injuries, scratches and the like, and sometimes those injuries get infected and/or turn into abscesses? What are you supposed to do when your cat has a minor injury (not enough to warrant a trip to the vet) but you want to prevent it from getting worse/infected?

Here is my kitteh:

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piercing question   
06:58pm 27/12/2009
  I got this for my birthday.

Just a quick question about piercing cleaning (I'm looking at you rhi):

Should I clean it with the studex stuff and leave it to like.. absorb in or should I dry it off with a clean cotton bud?
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My Wushlust   
11:46pm 23/11/2009

1. Top Shop Black Quilt Fingerless Leather Gloves
2. OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil
3. 2010 Moleskine
4. Flights to New York
5. Ultraceuticals Even Skintone Serum (+ Exfoliating Gel & SPF 30+)
6. Dorothy Perkins Aqua Check Tunic
7. Motorola Droid
8. Staffy Puppy (+ a Bulldog & Yorkshire Terrier)
9. Redken Chemistry System Soft Shot Booster (+ Redken Smooth Down Shamp&Cond)
10. Dr Marten 14 Eye Boots
11. Personalised Name Necklace ‘Anna Rose’
12. Kafka on The Shore by Haruki Murakami

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04:13pm 16/11/2009
  I found someone who describes my concept of 'unreal' pretty well, but they call it 'whimsy':

Whimsy to me is about spontaneity. If it’s premeditated, it doesn’t really count. Whimsy could be making up a song about your boyfriend, throwing a dance party at a moment’s notice, or just wearing two contrasting things. It’s about surprise & delight. Some people think whimsy is about being docile & delicate & a little dim, but I like my whimsy with a bit of bite."

Also, questions from Tatjna:
1) I'm curious what you're studying, and why you chose it?

Bachelor of Communications at AUT. Majoring in Advertising but also doing Digital Media and Television. When I left school I went to Vic and started a BA majoring in Media but it didn't really suit then. I guess I've always considered myself creative and had an interest in the Media. Of course, now I realise Media is the devil but doing something creative still sounds fun, coming up with ideas and such. If I could choose again however, I would have done a Bachelor of Visual Arts in hopes of being a Graphic Designer, I might still do it.

2) What are the main differences between life in Wellington and life in Auckland, in your opinion?

Well dairy's don't sell Alcohol for a start. Just the volume of people, the spreadout-ness and the weather obviously. I went to Otara the other day and was asked what I was doing there and told that I 'stood out like a sore thumb'.

3) What made you start doing the daily photos?

Because everyone else was going it. :)

4) Your last post was quite poetic. When you talk about unreal things, what unreal thing have you been told you can't do, and when are you going to do it?

Go to New York City by myself. I've been told it's too dangerous, expensive, etc. But I'm hoping to go mid-feb.

5) Picture yourself independently wealthy and living in Paris. What would a typical day be like?

Sleeping til midday. Writing/painting/designing/debating/reading in the afternoon/evening. :)

If you comment me I'll give you 5 questions to answer!
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03:06pm 14/11/2009
i was thinking

about what's real

and what's not


making a cup of tea

going to work/school

those things are real


spontaneous trips to new york

those things are not real

discovering a zinefest weeks after applications close, then somehow putting together a zine and getting a table

that's not real

mundane things are real

amazing things are unreal

unreal things are rare

yes they are

so hold on to them


but just like we perform the real things

we can create the unreal things

i think

i mean, i think it would be like swimming against the current

but i think it's possible

to do unreal amazing things

things that people tell you that you can't do

that you're programmed not to do

but that you look back on

and think are fantastic
09:21pm 25/10/2009
  So I've been planning a tattoo for while, and it's always been my intention to get it when I graduate. First I wanted a plethora of things, including the words 'Carpe Diem' I understand that it's terribly trite but I liked the meaning so I thought fuck it. However, now I've thought of something with all the wicked meaning of 'Carpe Diem' but also marginally more original! W00t. So to replace 'Carpe Diem' I've got the opening line of a Robert Herrick poem (To the Virgins, to make much of time), which is "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may", the rest of the stanza goes on to say "Old Time is still a-flying: / And this same flower that smiles to-day / To-morrow will be dying." but I think the first line covers what I'm trying to say.

One internet analysis describes the meaning of the poem as "Act now to make the most of your life. In other words, says the poem, aggressively pursue a goal rather than sitting idly by waiting for good things to happen. Be proactive. Take a risk. You can't dream your way to your goal." ref.

And yes, I'm fully aware that tonnes of people probably have this inked but whatevz, I'm not going to not get something (double negative win) that I want just people other people have it too.

I'm currently favouring a design with the aforementioned quote, roses and fantails. Roses being a) mentioned in the quote, b) my name, c) a symbol of all sorts of wicked stuff and d) in my garden growing up. Fantails being a) awesome b) a symbol of death (appropriate to quote) and c) abundant at my mothers farm, lots of fuzzy memories, etc.

03:32pm 24/10/2009
  Holy crap, my cat just totally attacked me!

I was standing in the backyard and she walked past my leg and rubbed up against it as cats do, and then she bit me! I didn't think much of it, I've seen cats do that before, it was just a little bite. I mean, I still yelped and jumped away a little bit. But just as I was explaining to Emerson why I yelped, she was doing the little ass wiggle pre-pounce maneuver but before I could do anything she had launched AT MY LEG, and swiped me with both paws and bit me again. WTF, honestly?

What is that about!?
A Photo Essay of my Ex-lovers   
12:30am 23/09/2009

About as awesome as they come really. One of the funniest, smartest, talented people I know. We were together for two years from when I was 20 to 22.

No Picture

About as awful as they come. Anyone who met Mark knows that he was a complete arsehole and managed to con me, my friends and family out of thousands of dollars. We were also together for two years from when I was 18 to 20.

Ahhhh my sweetest Timmy boy. I was completely smitten at the time however he was a bit of an arsehole to me but you get that. I say we went out for 3 weeks, he says we went out for 3 months... my memory is hazy. I was 18.

LOL @ bogan-ness. Why yes that is a rotor on his birthday cake. When I was just coming out of my 'boy racer chick' phase. He was actually really sweet. I went out with him for maybe 8 months from 17 to 18.

Funny that this picture is from his wedding, to the girl he was dating before we started going out. I think we dated when I was 16. This was at the height of my 'boy racer chick' phase and hence he was a bit of a cock. He had a lot of mental issues which I probably exacerbated by hooking up with all his friends once we broke up. Hey! I was 17, what do you expect?

Sorry to abuse your friends page but you just NEED to see photos of my exboyfriends, OK?!
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Qantas Film and Television Awards + Me   
02:08pm 07/09/2009
  Emerson and I before the Qantas Film and TV AwardsCollapse )

So Emerson's son Oscar won Best Performance in a Short Film and his short won Best Short Film.

As seen on 3 news.

I talked to such New Zealand "Celebs" as Antonia Prebble, Antony Starr, Robyn Malcolm, David Farrier, Various Shortland Streeters (Amanda Billing was lovely) and various news crews.

I also had a catch up with Tony which was cool.
01:41pm 16/07/2009
  I was thinking about how dead fruit are.

I mean... like a flower, when you cut it, it's kind of still alive right? And if you put it in water with good flower nutrient stuff then it takes a few days to die right?

How long does it take fruit to die? I mean if you took a bite of a piece of fruit that was like... still on the tree would it be all super nutrient filled and good for you? As opposed to the fruit that you get at the supermarket which is surely 'dead'?

Well really I was just thinking about if fruit 'die'.

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06:14pm 05/07/2009
  I remember walking home and putting a welcome takeaways chip under the windscreen wiper of nearly every car I passed and thinking how nice I was to share my chips.

I remember being the only patrons in Denny's at 5am after driving out to Piha in the middle of the night.

I remember being told I was 'cute' by a short butch lesbian at a gay bar.

I remember pulling up at some rocky beach in Wellington were we all parked in a circle. our headlights lighting up the center then putting a plastic gazebo over top. And sleeping in my friend's boyfriends car with the two of them because my boyfriend so drunk he needed a car all to himself.

I remember getting a blood nose and leaving bloody hand prints all over a marion street flat.

I remember sharing a cigarette with a working tranny and then my boyfriend refusing to kiss me "where do you think their mouth was last?" and me suddenly realising.

I remember being told not to call a stripper by her real name.

I remember being fought over by all the gay men at an outdoor bar at 9am.

How about you?
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I'm odd   
11:11pm 29/06/2009
  Me: Uh oh
*stares intently at corner of computer screen*
Elise: What?
Me: *still staring at intently corner of computer screen*
- a moment later -
Me: Phew!
Them: Huh?
Me: Well my computer battery was 11% and the time was 11:10 but the battery went down to 10% before it got to 11:11. If the time had gone 11:11 while the battery was still 11% well... well...
Elise: There'd be no belly button deep enough?

(I touch my belly button if ever I see the time 11:11)
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Half year resolutions   
05:34pm 28/06/2009
  Last night I was sitting outside the departure lounge of gate 21 at Wellington Airport, chipping off midnight blue nail polish between chapters of an Emily Perkins novel. We were all rolling our eyes and sighing checking and re-checking the departures screen displaying that our flight had been delayed until 23:00 while the time read 23:08 and we hadn't even been allowed through security.

Today, I got up at 5pm, showered and decided to get dressed into the prettiest outfit I could think of. I had a few ideas of what to do with my day (read: night); take my emily perkins to a cafe and read it over a cup of tea, take the miniature rubber ducky I bought to find the nearest puddle, take whimsical photographs then caption them with equally whimsical and twee overlaid white text, get out my paints, decorate my room but it's late, dark in fact, so here's what I decided to to do;

I'm writing my half years resolutions so here goes.

- blog more (read: at all)
- do something creative everyday
- show appreciation
- ask questions and listen
- read more
- maintain a living space that I enjoy
- give running a try*
- make more friends and stay in contact with the ones I have
- cook more (read: assemble... salads are my forte)

* I'm not going to declare something stupid like "Run for an hour everyday" but I think at least giving it a try is a pretty goal to aspire to.
07:22pm 24/04/2009
  Guess who's the new 'Listings Coordinator' for The Groove Guide? Booya

To see gigs or to upload your own: http://www.realgroove.co.nz/Gigs.aspx

Other than that.... what's new?

My car got broken into the other night, I still haven't cleaned the criminal blood off (they smashed a window). Didn't take anything valuable though... idiots.

I am epically stressed. Yeah.

Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/aaannarose or at least let me know yours so I can follow you! :)
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10:44pm 07/04/2009
  Can anyone recommend a good travel agent? For doing a contiki. I want to do this one: http://contiki.co.nz/tours/11-grand-northern maybe  
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