Anna Rose (obscurityme) wrote,
Anna Rose


I remember walking home and putting a welcome takeaways chip under the windscreen wiper of nearly every car I passed and thinking how nice I was to share my chips.

I remember being the only patrons in Denny's at 5am after driving out to Piha in the middle of the night.

I remember being told I was 'cute' by a short butch lesbian at a gay bar.

I remember pulling up at some rocky beach in Wellington were we all parked in a circle. our headlights lighting up the center then putting a plastic gazebo over top. And sleeping in my friend's boyfriends car with the two of them because my boyfriend so drunk he needed a car all to himself.

I remember getting a blood nose and leaving bloody hand prints all over a marion street flat.

I remember sharing a cigarette with a working tranny and then my boyfriend refusing to kiss me "where do you think their mouth was last?" and me suddenly realising.

I remember being told not to call a stripper by her real name.

I remember being fought over by all the gay men at an outdoor bar at 9am.

How about you?
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