Anna Rose (obscurityme) wrote,
Anna Rose

Half year resolutions

Last night I was sitting outside the departure lounge of gate 21 at Wellington Airport, chipping off midnight blue nail polish between chapters of an Emily Perkins novel. We were all rolling our eyes and sighing checking and re-checking the departures screen displaying that our flight had been delayed until 23:00 while the time read 23:08 and we hadn't even been allowed through security.

Today, I got up at 5pm, showered and decided to get dressed into the prettiest outfit I could think of. I had a few ideas of what to do with my day (read: night); take my emily perkins to a cafe and read it over a cup of tea, take the miniature rubber ducky I bought to find the nearest puddle, take whimsical photographs then caption them with equally whimsical and twee overlaid white text, get out my paints, decorate my room but it's late, dark in fact, so here's what I decided to to do;

I'm writing my half years resolutions so here goes.

- blog more (read: at all)
- do something creative everyday
- show appreciation
- ask questions and listen
- read more
- maintain a living space that I enjoy
- give running a try*
- make more friends and stay in contact with the ones I have
- cook more (read: assemble... salads are my forte)

* I'm not going to declare something stupid like "Run for an hour everyday" but I think at least giving it a try is a pretty goal to aspire to.
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